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Main Page: Databench

Databench, the ultimate database. Big performance for a small price.


  • manages up to 500 million entries.
  • up to 64 fields (soon even more).
  • seven different field types (incl. IFF, BOOL, FORMEL ect.).
  • incorporates IFF-pictures, ASCII-texts und programs.
  • extremely fast search capabilities (within 1sec.).
  • diverse sorting-algorithms.
  • multiple letter function.
  • label printing.
  • extensive editing (cut, copy, paste etc.).
  • Complex filter functions (with wildcards and links).
  • up to five files open (more soon).
  • low level relation between files.
  • arexx-port.
  • vast configuration options.
  • import/export from/to other Databases.
  • password protection, read-only option.
  • multiple print-options. Print to screen, disk or printer.
  • numerous masks supplied.
  • numerous tools included (text-editor, text-viewer, mask-editor amm.).
  • free help-hotline
  • and much much more.
  • There is also an extension pack to make Databench a true relational Database.


AmigaSpezial 5/95: VERY GOOD
Amiga-Magazin 5/95: "Databench offers much for it's price"
AmigaPlus 6/95: A Bargain
Amiga-Games: GOOD

System requirements:

Amiga with 1 MB RAM. Bigger Databases need more RAM.